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Following Atticus by Tom Ryan

Following Atticus: Forty-eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship - Tom  Ryan

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Following Atticus was just an okay read to me.

Tom, Atticus, and Max have an interesting and touching story. They've had some amazing adventures, they've made some great friends, and they've experienced some very hard times together, which has only brought them closer. Atticus is definitely an amazing dog and his bond with Tom is just unreal, but much of the book is very redundant and I feel like it would have been better as either a shorter book or maybe a different type of writing all together. I think the blog and social media outlets that Tom now uses to continue to tell his and Atticus' story is probably the best venue.

At about the halfway point I felt like the descriptions of Atticus, of their dealings with townspeople, and of the mountains and their hikes in those mountains were pretty much identical. Even his scenarios were similar - there was always a weather issue keeping them from hitting a current goal, which in turn would make Tom worry and get upset, then they'd turn things around and it would look like they were headed towards hitting the goal again, only to miss it anyway. OR something bad would happen to one or the other, Tom would be beside himself, and then miraculously things would work out, but then they wouldn't so we'd be back in the same loop.

After that halfway point, I skimmed a LOT and really had to force myself through the book. There were times when I wasn't even sure I cared to find out how it all finished because the redundancy had actually become annoying to me at that point.

I am glad I stuck it out because my favorite chapter in the entire book was in the last 1/3. The chapter titled "Paige". Paige is the woman who sold the dog to Tom and he had kept her in the loop throughout their adventures. Her story became much more interesting to me in one chapter than Tom's and Atticus' had in all the remaining chapters. I know that sounds harsh - I don't mean to discount Tom's and Atticus' story, but it never grabbed me quite the way I expected it to. I never cared as fully about them as I did about Paige and she wasn't the focal point of the story, though she was definitely a very integral part of the story.

This book came highly recommended and it does have many 5 star reviews so by all means I hope those who think it sounds interesting give it a try - I always want people to form their own opinions - it simply wasn't a good pick for me (and I hate when that happens after someone who I know loved the book - it is hard to tell someone you didn't like a book that they ADORED)!!