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Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Forever Friday: A Novel - Timothy Lewis

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Thank you WaterBrook Press for providing me with an early copy of this book!

Forever Friday is a sweet and fun love story of the past, resurrected in current day in one man’s search for answers about his own failed marriage. Adam Colby finds a photo album filled with postcards at one of the estates he’s working. The album is filled with the postcards that Gabe Alexander mailed to his wife, Huck, on each of the Fridays in their sixty year marriage. Each postcard contained a unique poem of love that Gabe had composed for his wife.

Through stories told by one of the Alexander’s closest loved ones, Yvette, and the post cards, Adam attempts to put their story together and thus find the answer to lasting love. His own marriage has come to a hurtful end and Adam isn’t sure anymore that love is worth it – if he should even be open to having another go at love.

Lewis takes readers through Huck’s and Gabe’s whirlwind, chance meeting, and their long, love-filled marriage through Adam’s current-day POV and that of Huck in the 1920’s and 1980’s. A chance meeting in a secret glen when she was young has led Huck to believe in and search for her soul mate. While engaged to a childhood friend, she meets Gabe and instantly feels a connection. Though knowing her engagement isn’t right for her, she still feels fear at breaking things off and guilt when she decides to go out with Gabe. However, that one day with Gabe is all it takes to convince her that he is indeed her soul mate and she must end things with her current fiancé, Clark.

Embarking on their life together, Gabe and Huck agree to not let The Long Division, a term created by Gabe to describe what he feels like most people allow to disrupt their marriages. One of the keys in this decision is Gabe’s decision to compose a new poem each week for his wife and send it to her on a postcard each Friday. They, like all married couples, have their ups and downs, by focusing on their strong devotion to each other and their faith in God, they work it out.

This story kept me interested and intrigued for upcoming events and Lewis is a masterful writer. Gabe’s and Huck’s devotion to each other is quite refreshing as historical love tends to be in my opinion. It is hard to think of that type of total love and faith in this day and age, but it does offer hope. Hope that hearts can be mended and hurts assuaged when we put aside selfishness and focus on our loved ones.

Readers looking for an uplifting love story with added humor, intrigue, and a little divination will not be disappointed.

I was provided with an ARC of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not compensated for any of my reviews.