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A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire

A Beautiful Wedding - Jamie McGuire

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Well, this breaks my heart. I wouldn't even go a full 2 stars on this one and that absolutely crushes me. I think what happened here is the fans asked for more when there wasn't really more to give. When an author completes a book or series and then gets pressured into continuing, it just doesn't go well because for all intents and purposes THE.STORY.HAD.ENDED. I think that is what happened here.

These characters weren't even the original characters - they felt off, different, and awkward. The story and the writing felt rushed and lacked the passion the original novel held. It even felt disorganized. I re-read some passages several times and STILL didn't get them to make sense or become coherent. I really felt like this was put together for those fans who just wouldn't let Travis and Abby go and that makes me sad because this glimpse of them - is NOT them. America and Shepley weren't even America and Shepley.

Sometimes an author just needs to stick to her guns and when a story is over, let it be over. Fans, on the other hand, need to allow a story to end at the author's wishes. If you have ideas of what happens in the future for the characters - imagine it, write it as fan fict, but please allow the author to close the book, the relationships, and the story in they way they FEEL it should; otherwise, we end up with this, and this isn't what I call closure or good :(