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Dark Halo (Angel Eyes #3) by Shannon Dittemore

Dark Halo - Shannon Dittemore

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Thank you Thomas Nelson Publishers via BookSneeze for providing me with an early copy of this book!

In this third and final installment of the Angel Eyes Trilogy, Brielle and Jake are still battling with Damien, Lucifer, and a whole gang of nasty demons, and Brielle’s faith is put to the test.

Book two left Brielle without Jake, and she’s feeling the loss quite significantly. When Canaan’s chest offers her clues to where Damien has taken him, she immediately heads off to save him, but she knows she could be causing worse trouble because darkness knows all weaknesses. She fears The Prince (Lucifer) will use her and Jake against the other – she just doesn't know for what.

Her meeting with Lucifer produces yes anger and disgust with him, but his manipulative ways put her in a difficult position, one she fears will impact how Jake feels about her – is she the reason the engagement ring disappeared from Canaan’s chest?

From here the battle begins – the Sabres are still in Stratus attempting to tear the veil that keeps the Celestial hidden from humans, and Brielle, Jake, Liv, Marco, and Kaylee have much to figure out. As they delve into dreams, journals, and pasts, the unravel a connecting thread that brings them all together in the same story, and Brielle’s mother (who passed when she was only a toddler) is right in the center.

Brielle’s need for answers about her mother’s death, her best friend’s life before her murder, and her boyfriend’s past along with her aching desire to not see the Celestial anymore will push her towards a decision she knows isn't the right one – one she knows could change her life and Jake’s forever.

Dittemore’s writing is creative, well-crafted, and inspirational. The Celestial world she has built gives readers a glimpse at the unknown and unseen. Her characters are deep and developed, yet easily read. I liked this take on the supernatural – demons and angels in our everyday world, yet we can’t see them. This novel is based on biblical themes and Christian beliefs. I found it refreshing and not forced. Regardless of a reader’s beliefs, this is an intriguing series to read. The novel shows us those who believe and those who don’t. Some who struggle with faith and some who come to it naturally. Many themes are represented to explore, but aside from it all, Dark Halo (and the entire Angel Eyes series) is a fun, uplifting, and exciting story.

I was provided with an ARC of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not compensated for any of my reviews.