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Pure Justice

Pure Justice - Linda L. Barton This novel has a good storyline and kept me interested throughout. The characters are unique and receive a fair amount of development in the story. The author touches on a point many, if not all, people struggle with at some point in time - justice. Is it fair; do we always receive it; who is responsible to provide it; the questions, and ensuing arguments, can go on forever.Barton does a good job - as an indie author she developed a good story, told it well, and tied off the finish. The book does contain some graphic content, which might be tough to handle for some readers. I did catch myself cringing during a rough spot or two (I tend to be a bit of a wimp - I'm a visualizer so graphic content can be emotionally draining).There are very few typos or errors and the same with storyline inconsistencies - never enough to distract much from the story. There were a few occasions where my mind wandered and I wished for further development, but again never so much that the story or characters suffered. In addition, the main characters talked to themselves quite a bit - not a lot of symbolized/interpreted meaning - if they thought it, they said it; these two items leave little room for the reader to fill in the blanks or visualize because the author has written it all out in black and white.All in all Pure Justice is a quick and fun read. It kept me flipping pages to the end and I wasn't disappointed! I'd recommend this to the those out there who are looking for something different than the normal legal, medical, who done it mysteries!