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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen While I can appreciate Austen for her strong, forward-thinking attitude, and I can appreciate Pride & Prejudice as a Classic, this was a slow and painful read for me (and it was the 4th or 5th attempt).I'm not a huge fan of romance to begin with (not when it is the main theme/story line) and the language is quite different and difficult at times. I took that into consideration as I was reading as well as while reviewing my thoughts of the book. I've chosen 3 stars because it was an accomplishment for Austen as a woman author in her time and because the story had merit - it just wasn't something I loved.The first two sections (which equates to the first 42 chapters of the book) were the most difficult. I felt so frustrated with the ridiculousness shown by so many of the characters. At that point I really only liked and enjoyed Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet. I would have added Mr. Bingley and Jane to that list had they been of stronger personalities, but they were too formidable for my taste (though they served the story well in the end). The last section/third of the book was my favorite. At that time the story took on some intrigue and mystery and it picked up a little for me. Several character's true personalities and motives became clear.By the end of the book I really only disliked Lady Catherine, Lydia, Wickham, and Mrs. Bennet (they proved to be very good antagonists of the story) - I had come to know and truly enjoy the others. Overall I am happy to add this book to my list of completed reads and I hope to watch one of the film versions soon. I even plan to revisit the novel at some point in my life as I feel I will have a better appreciation the second time around.