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In Search of Lucy: A Novel

In Search of Lucy: A Novel - AmazonEncore Lucy Lang has experienced horrible times and as a result has had a hard time of "finding" herself as an adult - thus "In Search of Lucy". I found I could relate with Lucy - we all struggle with our pasts at some point in time and we all have trouble moving past the events that hold us down occasionally.Fairchild developed a main character that readers will want to know about - they'll want to know about her and her supporting cast. There were many likable people in the book. My favorite is Carly (she's much like my own daughter who surrounds herself in stuffed animals AND has a "Bun Bun").In the name of full disclosure, I'll mention that I picked up on some editing issues - misspellings, typos, and the such, but it never removed my focus and certainly didn't distract me from the story or make me dislike the book. Additionally, I would have loved a little more development in plot/characters toward the end of the novel. At some point it just seemed a little rushed.In Search of Lucy will pull readers in, will make readers cry, smile and laugh, and make them want to see Lucy through the entire story (not to mention give her a big hug).