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Echo of an Earth Angel: Earth Angel Trilogy: Book One (Volume 1)

Echo of an Earth Angel - Sarah M. Ross I received an ARC of Echo of an Earth Angel from the author and I must say, I'm glad to have read it. I am a paranormal fan, but have recently felt so inundated with the normal cast of characters that I've been a little burned out on it. However, Ross brings in a whole new sub-genre for readers, angels.The characters are fun and interesting and each has his/her own touch of intrigue. The story line is different and captivating. The writing had some errors (remember, I had an ARC so not the final version), but it wasn't terribly distracting. There were times that the writing felt "simplistic" - I'm not quite sure how else to word it. The author was writing from a teenage point of view so it may have been by design, but at times it just felt too forced and/or too cliche.All-in-all I say give this book a try. Readers will appreciate the different spin, enjoy the story, and like the characters!