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Carved in Bone with Bonus Material

Carved in Bone with Bonus Material - Jefferson Bass Carved in Bone was a slightly enjoyable read. It got started slow, then picked up and got interesting, then died off a little again. Finally the end just all happened at once - all but maybe one or two issues/sub-plots unraveled within the same chapter or two.Several times I felt like the level of forensic info/detail/lingo was a little over done - I get lost in details because I assume they are all important to the story so when an author throws in industry/technical details that aren't necessary, it just frustrates and confuses me!I did like knowing that the characters and locations were based on real people and places. I enjoyed reading about the authors and the real "body farm" as much if not more than the book.I found the plot and subplots to be mostly predictable though they were still exciting to some extent. The characters were likable though at times I felt a little more development could have been beneficial (granted this is a series so I'm sure readers will continue to learn about most of them in later books).Really I'm at 2.5 stars for this one - it isn't my favorite and I won't rush to move on in the series, but I did enjoy it.