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Beyond Justice

Beyond Justice - Joshua Graham Beyond Justice is an amazing and awesome book. I was hooked and feverishly captured within the first few pages. Graham puts readers deep into the pit of a man's worst nightmare - what if you lost everything, right down to your freedom and self? I had a physical reaction to this book - my heart was racing with fear, anger, and sadness for Sam Hudson, the main character. The book puts faith on the line - do you have it, will it get your through, how much is enough, how much is too much?Forgiveness lies at the center of this novel and its characters. I found myself stepping into the character and asking myself - would I forgive? Several characters in the story have people and events to forgive, as everyone does, but how does one make that leap when sheer evil is involved and you're there with it face-to-face? Is there anything not worth our forgiveness? Will God indeed forgive *all* and does He really expect us to do the same? These are the tough questions that are raised in this debut novel by Joshua Graham.