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11/22/63 - Stephen King Let me start by saying that Stephen King is a genius - pure genius. I've always enjoyed King's writing, but11/22/63 is definitely one of my favorites.Readers will begin their journey by meeting one of the best protagonists ever, Jake Epping (aka George Amberson). Jake is a teacher and he is one of the most lovable characters I've had the pleasure of reading. He's smart, strong, handsome, caring, brave, funny, loyal - suffice it to say PERFECT. Along with Jake there are several strong characters in this novel, but that is a great strength of King's - he can write a character and develop him/her like no other author can.Shortly after meeting Jake readers are quickly directed off into the world that is 11/22/63. Part sci-fi, part historical fiction, part romance - this book has everything and it has it all at just the right levels. As usual King doesn't just entertain, he makes readers think - mull over the scenarios he puts out there for them to consume.The antagonist in this novel? It is the future and it is fighting against Jake (George) with all its might. King takes readers down a winding path - a path that America has obsessed over for almost 50 years.I highly recommend this book - don't let the size scare you, you'll breeze through this amazing read.