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The Year of Fog

The Year of Fog - Michelle Richmond This novel brings to life every parents worst nightmare - losing a child and then facing each day afterward. In this case the main character is the soon-to-be stepmother Abby. In the first pages Abby describes her memory of the events that lead to Emma's disappearance and throughout the book she repeats the words we hear so often; some version of, "I only looked away for a second."The beginning and end of the novel captured me. The middle felt slow and repetitive though it did offer flashbacks to Ally's past, both as a child herself, as a teen, and as an adult. The storyline is based on Ally's ever-altered memory of the day Emma disappeared and her constant struggle to find the missing girl and therefore fix her relationship with Emma's father, Jake.During her search she questions who she really fell in love with more, Jake or his daughter. Much of Abby's relationship with her own mother is tainted by the fact that she's never really wanted to be a wife and mother - she instead wanted to make a difference with her career; with the other things she planned to do in her life.Though the book focuses mainly on the disappearance and search for missing Emma, through the flashbacks and other characters that come into Abby's life during the search, readers will also see a transformation of character beginning to take place within the whole of Abby's life - she's forced to make hard decisions and take altered paths to rebuild from within.