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The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles)

The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan Sadie and Carter Kane are siblings that have only seen each other twice a year since their mother died six years ago.Sadie is 12 and lives in London with her maternal grandparents. Carter is 14 and lives out of a suitcase traveling the world with his father, Julius Kane, who is an Egyptologist.Sadie and Carter end up on an amazing journey; one where they will learn the secrets and details surrounding their family history and legacy. During this journey they'll also learn the reeling details of their mother's accidental death.The story is told from Sadie's and Carter's alternating points of view in the form of a voice recording meant for the next person to take up the challenge.Riordan does a fabulous job taking ordinary academic subjects and making them fun and interesting - Egyptian mythology and history has never been so captivating and engaging. Mixed with just the right amount of fiction these stories will stick with readers for years to come.I greatly enjoyed this book. I was on the edge of my seat, unable to put it down throughout the story. Sadie and Carter are typical teen/pre-teen siblings and receiving the story from their narratives adds humor and insight.Riordan weaves awesome, magical tales and writes them wonderfully. I cannot wait to continue with The Kane Chronicles.