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The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking Series #2)

The Ask and the Answer  - Patrick Ness In this installment Viola and Todd learn that war really does make monsters of men. Each on a different side, each fighting to get back to the other, each being deceived and mislead by those leading the two sides, each causing unintentional hurt to the other due to those deceptions.This book again reveals the horror that is unleashed when individuals stop thinking and acting for themselves; when they blindly follow and allow anger and pain to cloud their judgment. It shows the havoc wreaked when a win at all costs mentality overtakes leadership. The readers will see the "I was just following orders" mentality played out as we have so many times in our own real history; making this an eerily "real" book.Then Viola and Todd will find that there may not be only two sides to this war - which side do you follow, how do you survive, and how do you hold onto the one that you love through it all?