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Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3)

Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3) - This is a good series as a whole, though this last book seemed to drag quite a bit. Several times I felt like skimming or even skipping. In this book the story jumps around between several points of view (about 4 or 5) so a reader may get the same piece of the story several times, which I think added to the "dragging" feeling. There were times this approach simply didn't add any depth to the story - it only added length.In this book we watch how easily someone can be controlled, even when one may feel safe and/or independent. The story shows how closely one must watch the evil in the world for though they may seem to change, that is not always the case.War is painful, it is ugly, and it changes people. Not only that, but it is easy to fall into the frame of mind that makes monsters out of men - very easy to become weak minded should we not stay diligent and informed.