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Time Standing Still

Time Standing Still - Caroline Farrell Really I'd probably go 3.5 stars on this one - good stories and I enjoyed them all!Time Standing Still is a diverse and intriguing collection of short stories. Farrell focuses mainly on the tough times that can be experienced life – true life obstacles to which readers can relate, but she also tells one story of fictional horror.Readers will experience sadness, compassion, hope, fear, revulsion, and maybe even some happiness – I did. In her note to readers, Farrell writes, “…though my stories might not be light and airy tales of joy”, I think this is what I liked most about her stories. I don’t want short, sweet happy endings, especially with a short story. Farrell’s stories will make you think, they’ll make you feel, they’ll even make you remember in some instances – the characters in these stories don’t feel fictional; they feel like old friends or family members. I can go on with these stories in my mind and build further lives and outcomes for the characters and it was refreshing to read something that did feel so real; something that didn’t end with the perfect solution – wrapped up tightly with a fancy bow.I’m not going to review/summarize the stories separately here because the author has done that quite well at the beginning of her book. Additionally, I cannot pick a favorite – I tried; simply cannot do it! I enjoyed each story in a different way and I connected to the stories in different ways.