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Art Of Racing In The Rain

Art Of Racing In The Rain - Garth Stein The Art of Racing in the Rain is an endearing and fun read! I loved reading the story from Enzo's, the family dog, point of view. Through Enzo's perspective readers will gain perspective as he relates life to the racing world and to his world as a canine. Enzo's family isn't drama-free and readers will experience grief, sadness, anger, excitement, joy and above all wonderment at this dog's perseverance, faith, and love for his owner, Denny. Denny is also a great character - strong and willful, he makes the situations in this book come alive and helps the reader understand that one can get through the tough times even when it seems there is no way to do so.While the protagonists, Denny and Enzo, are lovable, the antagonists, Denny's in-laws are spiteful, hateful, wretched people and readers will love to hate them.Stein used a creative voice to give small lessons in racing, stress management, dog ownership, life balance, faithfulness and loyalty. All while keeping it fictional and fun to read.I am neither a dog owner nor a race fan, but this book really hit the spot so to speak. I enjoyed every single page and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, meaningful, yet fictional read.