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The Butterfly Key

The Butterfly Key - Andrew D. Neudecker The Butterfly Key is a beautifully written story and I thoroughly enjoyed the tale. Neudecker created a personal story for his wife who was experiencing a loss of faith and reading the prologue and epilogue will make a reader’s heart swell. As I read about Christian, Abigail, Alexander and their families, I came to love them – they are endearing characters. Characters that readers will want to aspire to; characters for which readers will root, cry, and rejoice. In addition to the characters, the story itself is one readers won’t want to miss. One will find danger, mystery, intrigue, insight, faith, loyalty, and so much more – it really packs a punch. Once I really got into the book, I simply couldn’t put it down; I had to know the outcome – all the details.I will note that there were times when the communication between characters seemed oddly formal. For instance, the use of first names in abundance; sometimes a reader not only can but should infer the participants in a conversation. However, knowing that this tale is a personal one for the author and one he wrote for his wife in a time of faith crisis made me overlook any formalities or other writing style issues I may have found. The story will override anything a reader might notice.Secondly I will note that there are elements of theology here that I do believe, elements I desperately want to believe, and then even others that I just can’t fully grab onto. However, once again the story overrides this issue – the author is not preachy or cliché, there are just times I wasn’t totally on the same page theologically.Regardless of a reader’s stance on religion, theology, or faith, I recommend this book – in a world filled with pessimism and intolerance it offers a quick break – a refreshing glimpse of joy, hope, and fulfillment!