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Number the Stars

Number the Stars - Lois Lowry Number the Stars is a story centralized around Denmark after the German invasion in 1940 (WW2). Though this is a fictional tale, Lois Lowry explains in the afterword that it is based on the true stories her friend told her of living in Copenhagen during the events of The Holocaust.This book, like so many others written based on actual events, enraged me. It is always so hard to believe the cruelty of human nature. At the same time it encouraged me because for every Hitler there is an Annemarie or a Peter (protagonists in the story) who will fight for what is right - risk their lives for justice; for their fellow man. Lowry's story is told from a young girl's perspective. The story begins when she is ten and ends when she is twelve and children will read of courage, bravery, loyalty, and strength within the book's pages. Annemarie and Ellen along with other members of the book are put through situations that children today may never experience and may never even fully learn of in school thus making it more important of a read - even today tolerance of those who are different is often strained. The novel was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1990 as the "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children" and it more than deserves that honor. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to children and adults alike.