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The Radleys

The Radleys - Matt Haig Yes this was another vampire tale; however, I did enjoy the twists Haig brought forth in his version. In this book the Radleys are a family of abstaining vamps, using The Abstainers Handbook to navigate through a somewhat "normal" life. Like with all families, this one has its black sheep and he likes to stir things up. Will Radley holds the family's biggest secret and he's ready to spill it, while Helen, the matriarch of family is not - with a vehement determination.Several times in the book I found myself excited to see where the story would go and unable to put it down; however, many of those times I was met with very predictable endings and/or plots. Through the writing I do believe I figured out most of the major plot twists BEFORE they happened while silently hoping the author would surprise me with some unsuspected flare right when I didn't expect it!The author definitely towed the line between "good" vamps and "bad" vamps, I can only imagine in an attempt to please the masses. I enjoyed the balance - knowing there would be some mildly gruesome acts, but also some normal, every-day life occurrences as well.If you're into vamp stories, or even if you're not, I'd say give this book a try, but I won't be putting it on my list of faves or rereads.