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Horns: A Novel

Horns - Joe Hill WOW...after finishing this book I came directly to goodreads to leave my review. Normally I sit and "chew" on a book and what I'd like to say, but not in this case. I'm left wondering how it took me so long to discover Joe Hill!Hill has created an incredible story with amazingly developed characters - the psychological and theological threads woven through each character bring ever-changing, soul-bearing feelings towards each.Around each corner Hill brings thrill, fear, excitement, and revulsion, among many other feelings, to the surface. Horns is a novel of good vs. evil - pure evil. A novel about the devil - the personal demon in all of us. Why and how do some choose the right path, while others simply cannot or will not. Why do things happen - is there a gran scheme or is it all just dumb luck?This is a great read - a mind bending, thought provoking, exciting read.*Edit - I should add that this novel has graphic language and situations...not always for the faint of heart!