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The Road

The Road - Cormac McCarthy The Road is a depressing read, yet comforting as readers really delve into the relationship between a father and son traveling alone in a desolate, destroyed land.The novel is written in a minimalistic fashion and while it fits the theme of the book, it is hard to read. Through the end I was often confused by who was speaking to whom - dialogue felt more rushed and generally "shoved together" due to this structure. Likewise, odd page and paragraph breaks and lack of certain punctuation (like apostrophes), made for awkward transitions and reading.I got caught up in some of the word choices and extra detail as well - sometimes it felt like it bogged down the story rather than helped it along.I did enjoy the book to an extent - the father and son learn things from and about each other through their tough journey and though it ends with sadness, it also ends with a bit of hope, which I did quite like. In addition the two balance each other well through the trials with which they are faced and I believe readers will see growth on both characters' sides throughout.