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The Mistress's Revenge

The Mistress's Revenge - Tamar Cohen To begin I will state that the first sentence on the back of the book cover, "Fatal Attraction set in the era of Facebook", is an understatement. This book unequivocally surpasses Fatal Attraction!The Mistress's Revenge by Tamar Cohen is written in one of the most creative formats I've read in quite some time - a scorned, angry, slightly mad and getting madder, ex-mistress writing in her journal to the man who left her behind. In these musings readers will see Sally Islip sliding down the slippery slope of sanity as she tries to rationalize her decisions and actions as well as gain back her lover in the aftermath of a tawdry, five-year affair with TV personality Clive Gooding. There were a few times midway through the book where I thought it might be headed down the boring route, but it soon picked up and took off and did not disappoint. Just when readers think they have this one figured out, it will switch directions!Readers will identify with the characters - all of them. One of the things I loved most was how real Cohen made her characters. Readers won't encounter two beautiful, perfect people finding each other and entering into a glamorous, frilly affair. These characters have flaws, they make mistakes and their lives are sloppy, embarrassing, and at times shameful.Finally I'll say that I loved the ending - I was surprised and delighted all at once with the way Cohen tied everything off.