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Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami From the beginning Kafka on the Shore is intriguing and captivating. Readers meet Kafka immediately and soon after, Nakata - these tow lives overlap and intersect in ways not immediately clear. The novel jumps from one life story to the other and readers meet several interesting and unique supporting characters along the way.Murakami introduces otherworldly ideas and story lines that ensure readers are never bored - always trying to fit the pieces together. His writing takes a philosophical approach through however and there are some ingrained ideas woven within each character and plot.As intrigued as I began, I was caught quite off guard by one main theme in regards to the oedipal overtones and sexuality that both run throughout the story. With these themes and several others, Murakami makes it clear he is a post-modern mind and writer. In the end, I did enjoy the novel and was entertained - I'd recommend to my fellow readers. Give it a chance and see where it takes you as it does contain some deep, thought-provoking content.