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The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown I'd go more towards 3.5 stars if goodreads allowed 1/2 stars.This book is about three sisters, the Weird sisters, who were raised in a bookish family with a father who idolizes (and teaches) Shakespeare. The sisters all have very different personalities - Cordy, the youngest, is a flighty and fun loving; Rose, the oldest, is independent and strong; Bean, the middle child, is wild and conflicted at heart.Cordy and Bean find themselves back at home, where Rose never left, after both experiencing dramatic, life-altering events. The three girls, back together, find themselves caring for an ill mother who is fighting breast cancer while simultaneously healing themselves of old wounds and decisions.The book is written in first person and appears to jump from one girl's narrative to another's without really naming which sister is talking. This was an effective model for the book as it really is a character book - readers will learn of the girl's pasts, presents, and futures, but not a lot really "happens" by way of events or actions.Brown has written a novel that doesn't hinge entirely on sugary sweet, perfect, sisterly love. Instead it begins by stating that the girls may love each other, but they don't necessarily like each other much. Readers see their faults, see what each dislikes about the others as well as herself, and will see the resolution of those feelings as the girls bicker, laugh, cry, and struggle to come to terms with their lives, their family, and their small-town beginnings.