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Burned - Ellen Hopkins Ellen Hopkins once again takes on a tense, heart-breaking YA subject. Pattyn, a 16-year-old, Mormon girl struggles to be accepted, loved, and understood all while also trying to determine what her religion really means - does she still believe, does she want the role that's been laid before her, does she want to follow the only path she's been given?This book will grip, anger, haunt, and surprise. From the beginning of the story, Pattyn begins questioning the religion with which she's grown up. Her defiant attitude and strong will anger both her church and her father. Pattyn's mother embraces her Mormon life - having babies and supporting and loving her husband beyond all reasonable boundaries. Pattyn sees her mother's, and all Mormon women's plight, as unfair and undesirable. During a stay with her estranged aunt, Pattyn learns things about herself, her family, her religion, boys, even her state that leave her reeling, intrigued, confused, excited, and sometimes angry. Hopkins delivers an amazing narrative and story through Pattyn's eyes including an ending that will leave readers breathless!