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Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel

Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill Intriguing and creepy first novel from Mr. Hill. Heart-Shaped Box starts off fast - Hill wastes no time introducing the plot or the creepy guys. Readers will learn a lot about the characters and the novel actually stalls in the middle due to the abundance of back story/history being introduced. The information is helpful and needed for the story however, and the novel quickly recovers. Not too gory; not too dull - this novel will keep readers on their toes without jumping the shark.There were a few unresolved items that I wish had been resolved. There were sections of plot, with seemingly sideline characters, that felt important, yet their importance was never really fully explained or established.The novel is an enjoyable ghost story with fun characters (I loved Jude and Georgia - two of the main characters - they really resonated and readers will root for them from the beginning)!