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Glass - Ellen Hopkins Glass is a continuation of Kristina's life as read in Crank. Now as a mother her battle with addiction is even more heart-breaking as well as important - can she pull through it, can she win the battle, will she be the mother her son needs her to be - the son conceived under such aggressive, negative circumstances. Can Kristina set her life back on the right path?New characters in her life - Brad, Trey, Cesar, Angela, Hunter - take this story, her life, in many more directions. The story is profound and useful in showcasing how it feels, how it looks, how it affects to battle Glass, or any addiction. The book was written and is categorized as Young Adult fiction; however, the content is extremely raw, real, and intense. Adult readers may be able to handle the writing more appropriately - more sensibly - than pre-teens and teens.Again, Hopkins spins a tale in prose and it is an effective means of writing. Her words create pictures and readers will experience and see this story as it unravels.