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The Christmas Bus

The Christmas Bus - Melody Carlson Melody Carlson has a knack for writing fun, lovable characters and she's done just that in The Christmas Bus.This tale is a Christian, traditional Christmas story with clear parallels to the birth of Jesus. The story is somewhat predictable, but is mixed with just enough surprise that readers won't be bored.Charles is the pastor of the local church in Christmas Valley, an endearing town readers will want to visit. Edith is his wife and they are a faithful, loving couple who love their church and their little town. Met with unexpected changes to their normal Christmas plans, Edith and Charles embark on one of their most interesting holidays to date. Along the way readers will meet a varied and eccentric cast of characters - parishioners, townspeople, visitors, etc who will make you smile.The Christmas Bus is a sweet, endearing, warm tale that will provide a few funky twists on a traditional Christmas theme!