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The Bite Before Christmas

The Bite Before Christmas - Heidi Betts Well I'm back at 3.5 (we need 1/2 stars Goodreads)!!I really enjoyed these short tales. The Bite Before Christmas contains 3 novellas and while all have their own, separate story line they also all tie nicely and closely together. It was pretty much like a timeline, but followed different "main" characters in each.All three tales are those of romance and love with a bit of bodice ripping - some more so than others. I loved all of the characters - literally. Betts did a fabulous job of creating fun, likable, sexy, and charismatic characters and she did a great job of incorporating the "bodice ripping" without going over the top (I'm normally a big NO GO on the bodice ripping - feels cheesy and isn't my style).These were three fun holiday tales that I think I'll definitely read again!