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Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #1)

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward I've heard a lot about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and many have recommended it, but I've held off until now because I thought it sounded a little too "risque" for me. I decided to finally read it due to it being the January pick for the Book Worms' book discussion. I must say - I'm not disappointed and too bad I didn't start this series sooner!Ward has, like so many other authors, put her own spin on the vamp theme. This group is rather enticing though and I enjoyed her group of the undead thoroughly. The brothers are strong, sexy, very "alpha male", and actually pretty hilarious. In addition, the main human characters have much to offer too including a strong female lead that I adored.Every group of vamps has an enemy and the Brotherhood is no different. Their enemy, the Lessers, is freaky and creepy, which adds to the story's intrigue.Though I initially thought I'd be bothered by the "risque" parts of the book, I wasn't. There were some "bodice ripping" moments and language, but it wasn't horrible and I didn't mind the scenes at all. Actually some of them were just flat out H-O-T!If you're a paranormal fan, give this series a try. I'll definitely be moving on with this series as quickly as I can!