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Pink Boots and A Machete: My Journey from NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer

Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey From NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer - Mireya Mayor In this book, Mireya Mayor takes readers through her journey from Girl Scout reject to a National Geographic Explorer. She has a lot of love for clothes, dancing, make-up, and other girl stuff, but she also, from an early age, liked to chase lizards and play outside. I struggled to stick with the book in the early chapters - Mayor was very repetitive with the cheerleader shtick and the editing process could have been much better. While each of these items improved as the book went on, they still remained troublesome throughout the remaining chapters.I loved reading the details of Mayor's accomplishments and expeditions. She is a willful, strong, determined, and motivated woman. I respect her ability to fight for what she truly wanted when others wouldn't take her seriously. However, there were times in the book I couldn't take her seriously. Had she mentioned her "little black dress" and why it was important to bring on dangerous expeditions one more time, I may not have finished the book! Towards the end as she talked about not wanting to walk down the red carpet while pregnant because she was afraid of looking like "Kirstie Alley", I lost a little more respect.All-in-all the expedition and animal information was interesting and fun (who doesn't find reading about parasites, leeches, and gigantic spiders fun). I enjoyed reading about a woman who made her way into a field that was male dominated, and I even enjoyed reading about her oft mentioned Cuban roots. However, the writing was lacking and I couldn't relate to her personality very well (when she forayed into the "cheerleader" aspects of her psyche).