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Shatter Me

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi The dystopian genre is one of my favorites. Something about the underdog fighting back against an evil, controlling, oppressive governing body intrigues me. Shatter Me contains all of those elements, but wasn't one of my favorites in the category.The story started out quickly and gained momentum and excitement just as quick; however, near the end (probably about the last 5-6 chapters) things slowed way down. There was still intrigue, still questions, but the story almost came to a screeching halt. I understand, to a point, that this happens because the book is planned as the first in a series, but for a novel with so much action; so much intensity to close on such a low note was odd.I adored the protagonist, Juliette. She's young, strong, smart, and has some major internal and external struggles. Her supporting cast is just as intriguing - Adam, James, Kenji, et al - while the antagonist is very, very easy to despise. Warner is slimy, disgusting, and unbelievably heartless.I enjoyed the story and do look forward to the next installment.