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Identical - Ellen Hopkins Identical was, by far, the most difficult Hopkins novel to read (so far - I still have a couple to read). In all her books, Hopkins tackles tough situations with rawness and realism. As a parent, this one hit hard. At times I didn't want to continue, but did because I wanted to see resolution - I wanted to see restitution - I wanted to see revenge.Raeanne and Kaeleigh are twins, identical twins. An accident involving their parents and some very poor decisions leaves scars for both. Each has secrets she is unwilling to share. Each deals with the pain of the accident, the pain of their dysfunctional lives differently, but similarly. This family has dark, dark secrets. Some of which the twins aren't even aware. These secrets and the story surrounding them will leave readers breathless with anger, sadness, outrage, and pity. Pity for the girls, their parents, for all those involved in this dark tale.Identical explores dysfunction at its highest - where does it begin? With whom does it begin? How can the cycle be broken and who will break it? Who can break it? It also explores abuse - the causes, the ramifications, the thoughts of those abused and those abusing. Both disturbing yet hopeful, Hopkins once again wrote a novel that will take readers all the way to the bottom while making sure the light at the top is still visible - there's always hope.