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Vampire Academy: A Graphic Novel (Vampire Academy (Paperback))

Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel - Emma Vieceli, Leigh Dragoon, Richelle Mead This was my first graphic novel and I loved it! I've read the actual novel, Vampire Academy, and this was a great condensed, visual representation of the author's original work.I liked seeing the characters drawn out even better than I like seeing them on TV or movie screens. Since the characters are drawn out as described and not represented by real people/actors (famous or not), they remain whole/untouched so to speak. Sometimes watching a movie erases completely what I've formed in my mind for a character - the graphic novel didn't do that, it enhanced my visions instead!I liked that the artist didn't get over the top with the sexuality. We've all seen ridiculously large erupting cleavage in a comic book depiction or lots of blatant "nudity" because they can get away with it (not real people), but this novel didn't do that. There's actually a very sexy scene that I think was handled quite tastefully (while still being quite "hot"). This is still YA and I'm glad the author and artist kept that in mind.This was the perfect Friday afternoon at the park read...oh and Dimitri is simply smokin, even in cartoonish form!