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The Outsiders

The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton The Outsiders was a five-star book when I first read it in high school and it still remains a five-star book today.Lots of dynamics at work in this story - rivalry groups/gangs at odds with each other, families facing dysfunction, teens struggling to find who they really are - against the odds, with the odds, despite the odds.Hinton shows growth in each character - every one without fail. Emotionally, mentally, individually, and as a group - they all change, grow, learn, and adapt. While we've come a long way since 1967, a long way since Socs and Greasers, we are really still there. As a society, we still break in to groups, cliques, sides. We still feud over ridiculous, uncontrollable elements. We still hate and are hated. This novel has so much to teach, so much merit.I'll end the only way any review of The Outsiders should end, "Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold..."