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Perfect - Ellen Hopkins Cara, Kendra, Andre, and Sean - they are the teens readers will meet in Perfect. Another gut-wrenching portrayal of the uglier sides of life by Hopkins. This novel is an extension of sorts of Impulse. In this story, two of the main characters, Cara and Kendra, are closely related to Connor who plays a major role in Impulse. Cara is Connor's sister and Kendra his ex-girlfriend. They both have secrets, both have troubled families, and both are left with confusion, hurt, and anger over Connor's decisions and absence from their lives.Sean, Cara's boyfriend, has his own demons which he tries to keep hidden as he attempts to build what he thinks is the perfect future - baseball, Stanford, and Cara.Andre, a young-man from an affluent family hides his secrets well also, trying not to disappoint his family or take the wrong path. His story intersects with Kendra's (as well as the other's) because he builds a relationship with her sister, Jenna. Jenna, who doesn't have a narrative part in this story, still has plenty of her own secrets and issues which readers are made aware through the voices of the other teens.All four teens hiding secrets, juggling who they 'should' be with who they really are - who it is they want to become. Struggling for balance, struggling for acceptance, struggling for their dreams...struggling, in essence, for Perfect.