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Skipping a Beat

Skipping a Beat - Sarah Pekkanen WOW...my immediate thought is just WOW! Sarah Pekkanen became one of my favorite authors after I read The Opposite of Me. She's become increasingly more so over the years as I've followed her on Facebook and read the short stories she has released. I don't know why it took me so long to read Skipping a Beat especially since I pre-ordered it so I've had it in my possession since the day it hit the market!I had no idea what an awesome story I was missing by this wonderful author!Julia and Michael are high school sweethearts who marry and begin building their lives and careers together. Both coming from tough familial situations, they have shared as well as individual demons they are trying to conquer, each in his/her own way.From Julia's insistence on a pre-nup to Michael's workaholic personality, they are both running from who they don't want to be - who they are scared they'll become - who their parents were. In the process they lose a little bit of themselves and their relationship. However, what happens when Michael has a near-death experience changes everything and Julia's not sure she's on board for the changes Michael proposes.Throughout the story Julia and Michael examine their relationship with each other while also looking inside themselves as well. I haven't become this emotionally involved in a novel or its characters in a very long time, but I was right there with Julia and Michael. I BAWLED for at least the last three or four chapters. I cried sad tears and happy tears.Pekkanen once again has reinforced my love of her work - she is amazing! Her story is filled with loss, renewal, forgiveness, redemption, faith and change along with so much more. This novel will pull readers in captivating them for the duration of the novel.*Now - onto These Girls, recently released by Sarah Pekkannen!!