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Zombie - J.R. Angelella Chapter 57; page 190 and I'm giving up. I'm not quite sure how I made it this far other than the fact that just kept hoping it would get better. There's actually a story line I'd like to see resolved, but I just can't continue.Between the foul language cluttered throughout the book, the not so great writing and the overly cliche situations, I'm beyond disappointed in this novel. As a debut, I can only hope the author does bigger and better things in the future.The story is about a 14-year-old kid, Jeremy, whose parents are separated and both have issues that cause grief for him. Jeremy's brother is a self-diagnosed sex addict (adding to the ridiculous language and cliche situations).Jeremy is a zombie film expert/fan and that is how he tries to navigate the uncomfortable times in his life. He has a Holden Caufield type of personality to him - think Holden in the 21st century. However, this Holden is surrounded by poor writing and a poorly created story.