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These Girls

These Girls - Sarah Pekkanen Sarah Pekkanen remains one of my favorite authors! I love the stories she puts together and tells. Her characters are deep and well developed, and always amazingly easy to relate to.These Girls is a story of three young women living and working in New York (I love reading about New York because I know I could never hack actually living there). Each arrived under her own circumstances and each has a separate dream to chase.Cate is a hard-working magazine editor. Abby is a young nanny who is going to school to become a teacher, and Renee is in hopes of becoming the next beauty editor at the same magazine for which Cate works.The three girls' lives become intertwined throughout the story and their background, history and secrets are revealed as they get to know each other.I was drawn into this story from the very first page and I was endeared to all three women immediately. Pekkanen writes characters that are so easy to like. Additionally, this story, like her others, will leave you in need of a tissue at times, but I love that about her stories - I always feel connected!I cannot recommend These Girls or any of Pekkanen's other novels enough - she is amazing and I never feel like my reviews even remotely do her writing any justice!