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Boy in the Suitcase, The (Nina Borg Mysteries)

The Boy in the Suitcase - Lene Kaaberbol;Agnete Friis Nordic Noir – this new sub-genre is sweeping readers everywhere and I admit, I’m caught up in the hype. I loved Larsson’s series and the moment I saw this one advertised (albeit LONG after it was published), I was immediately intrigued.Kaaberbol and Friis did not disappoint. This novel is suspenseful and harrowing – delivers readers right into every mother’s worst nightmare. The foreign aspect both confused me and added to the intrigue in my opinion. I was lost now and again, but felt like I always had a good understanding/basis for what was taking place and/or being delivered.Sigita is the mother and she was very well written. I felt the authors did a good job of introducing small pieces of her past and her present in order to build her character out completely. By the end readers empathize, like and understand Sigita – her pain can be felt throughout as can her frustration.Nina is compulsively trying to save people – to save the world. She’s married and has children, but her relationships are stunted as she works tirelessly to care for and save others while somewhat neglecting her family. Her husband, Morten, is a background piece (along with Nina’s children), yet so integral to the story. Again, Kaaberbol and Friis make sure his presence is bold though not necessarily large inquantity.Karin, Jan, Anne, Jukas, Barbara and Jolita all play large roles as well, but going into too much detail will ruin the story! The authors use short chapters, each one taking on a new/different character, to tell this story. I think the method worked well and I loved getting to know the characters and the situation in pieces and from different points of view. The book is very easy to read and I feel the “bite size” pieces readers are given makes it much easier to track so many players in the story.The book starts with a punch as readers find a young woman entering a parking garage with a suitcase only to find a boy inside…WHAT?! No time is wasted jumping into the story and the background is all revealed as the story progresses. One can guess several times during the novel what might be happening and why, but guaranteed there are surprises around each situation.Occasionally there are some plots and/or characters that just drop off – I would have enjoyed some further development of Darius, Sigita’s husband as well as the police force that is heavily inundated with this case from the beginning. Additionally, knowing where Marija landed would have been appreciated.As a series, I’m sure some of these characters/plots may be resurrected, but some could have just as easily been woven into this story while still leaving room for future installments should they be needed.