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Rex - Christopher Beck Beck created a zombie tale not like others. I enjoyed the additional layer of victims he added to the carnage – animals. Mainly Rex, a beloved dog owned by two brothers who have survived the apocalypse and have not become one of the “infected” in the process. The story delves into the psyche of how would one handle a zombie apocalypse, especially when decisions come down between loved one vs. loved one.I have seen mentioned that errors found in early versions have been corrected; however, I did still happen across a few. I never felt that they drew my attention away from the story, but if I notice them, I do feel that it is only fair to mention in my review.For a short story Rex does intrigue early and deliver quickly. There's still a future in which readers can fill in as they wish, but enough closure is provided that readers won't feel like there was no ending. I like that in a short story and Beck delivered.One thing I had a hard time with was some of the descriptions of multi-action events. There is definitely an art to description and I don't believe it is easy when describing characters going through a series of events. There were a few times in the story when the author would over-explain a simple act, such as "I pulled a trash bag out of the back pocket of my overalls, handed it to him, pulled on my gloves, picked the rabbit up and placed it inside. Josh twisted the bag closed, tied it and then threw it off to the side." Not very vivid yet very wordy. I prefer to visualize these actions based on fewer words with more vivid description vs. getting lead through it action by action. I believe I would have felt more attached to the story if that had been achieved - readers can then become a part of the story; they can live it, breathe it, and feel it.I liked all the characters. The brothers, Rex, Liz - all were great short-story characters. Beck did a good job, again, on the short story angle of not introducing tons of useless characters like some authors might. I felt he had just the right amount of good, quality characters for his story. Readers can get a good picture of each character and how he/she relates to the other characters as well as the story.One more positive note to mention: Beck did a great job of balancing the end. Though covering some tough issues, he did't try to tie everything in a nice bow of happy-ever-after; instead he went with realism and in this type of story that is important in my opinion.If Rex's story continues in the future, I would be interested in seeing where he goes. I've given the book 3.5 stars. If you're an undead fan, give this one a try!