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The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden - Susanna Kearsley I have never read one of Ms. Kearsley’s books, but I know I’ll be reading more now! The Rose Garden is a vividly told story about a young woman, Eva, who has faced great loss in her life – she has no family left. In order to make an attempt at healing she retreats from her current , fast-paced life in Los Angeles to her childhood home in England where she and her sister, Katrina, grew up with family friends after losing their parents.It is in Cornwall where readers experience Eva’s childhood home, Trelowarth, through Kearsley’s beautiful writing. Here Eva begins hearing strange voices at night and seeing odd things during outings. Though she initially explains these experiences away as due to stress or lack of sleep, she quickly realizes there is something much more surprising happening around her.Kearsley tells several stories – past, present, future – in a way that entrances readers. Stopping at the end of a chapter is near impossible and at a certain point, for me, it did become impossible – I had to keep going until I knew how everything ended!With touching characters and light, historical, tender romance, mixed with high-sea adventure, The Rose Garden is a perfect mix of intrigue, mystery, love and even a bit of humor. I found moments of laughter, moments of heart-racing anticipation, and moments of sadness and I enjoyed each one thoroughly.No matter your feelings towards historical fiction, give this book a try; you’ll come away with memories of a story and characters that live on in your imagination for a very long time!