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The Angel's Game

The Angel's Game - Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Lucia Graves Carlos Ruiz Zafon writes in such a rich, expressive, colorful way that I doubt it is possible for him to create a book I wouldn't love! The Angel's Game is no exception!Zafon once again takes readers into historical Barcelona only this time it is junior writer David Martin they'll get to know. Martin is an orphan who begins his working life at The Voice of Industry, a local newspaper, but gets his opportunity of writing early on due to his friendship with one of Barcelona's elite.While writing serial fiction, for which he is criticized, an international publisher offers him a new contract - a new life. It is after meeting with this publisher that things in Martin's life start to unravel a bit and the story really takes off. Much mystery and mystique surround the publisher, who comes to be called "the boss, and Martin starts to feel somewhat misled and unsettled about their arrangement.During this story David eventually rents a house that has been abandoned for years and is really quite creepy. Between it and some of the mystical occurrences throughout the story, Zafon crafted somewhat of a ghost story at times.Readers of The Shadow of the Wind will recognize a few characters, buildings and locations. While there are some similarities, there are even more differences though and this story doesn't unravel as completely as SOTW. I still felt a little confused by the end.This book leads me to the third, which was just released and is titled The Prisoner of Heaven. I cannot wait to get into it and see how Zafon ties the new book to this one and SOTW - I know there are connections and seeing them come together will be exciting!