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The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly The Lincoln Lawyer is a thrilling, exciting, edge-of-your-seat read! Mickey Haller is an extremely fun character - he's equal parts sleazy, defense lawyer, devoted dad, hurt divorcee, and loyal friend. Mickey is creative and inventive in his practice and may be the only divorcee (twice) to remain in friendly contact with both ex-wives - I love this about him; he is an endearing character.What Mickey most fears is the innocent man, but what he doesn't realize is that there is something far worse out there and as readers make their way through this roller coaster of a read, they will be surprised as the plot goes down paths one never would imagine.This is the first Michael Connelly book I've read and I'm hooked - I'll definitely be reading more. Connelly created characters readers will love to hate and love to love. He's woven a tale so addicting that putting the book down will be near impossible!