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The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel

The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel - Paolo Giordano The Solitude of Prime Numbers is an excellent novel. The author is a fabulous writer and the story demands total attention from the start.In this story readers will follow the lives of two central characters, as well as several of their supporting characters, from young childhood through early adulthood. Readers see deep into the imperfect lives of those who are intelligent, wealthy, attractive, or otherwise privileged. Mattia and Alice, the two central characters, both come from scarred, ugly pasts and come together in an oddly perfect manner. They fit, but they don't - both awkward and hesitant in their own ways; both with their own secrets, demons, and idiosyncrasies. Giordano has written a novel quite different from those readers may be used to reading - there aren't really any perfect, tied together endings here - just reality in a sense, which is to be appreciated. Two people with flaws and issues find each other and together, but alone, move forward from those flaws learning about themselves, each other, and those in their lives.