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Raising Abel

Raising Abel - Carolyn Nash This is by far one of the most moving, heart-breaking, and painful novels I've ever read. At the same time it is also very hopeful.Carolyn Nash has provided a very raw look at her experience as a foster turned adoptive parent. Raising Abel is a well-written book. Chapters are short and concise. She doesn't add unnecessary detail or overload with more than needed background/descriptive information. That bares mentioning here because I think it would be easy for an author with this type of content to do so.Nash hasn't sugar coated anything either. Readers see into her past as well as Abel's, and I'm not honestly sure how one could read this book and not get attached to them both (among other supporting roles). Abel and Carolyn are two of the most lovable people - courageous, loving, supportive, special.I honestly think I'd put this book in the hands of anyone considering foster care or adoption. I think I'd put this book in the hands of ANY parent. I read passages with which I could relate and others I couldn't, but every single one was helpful and insightful.Carolyn and Abel couldn't have been matched more perfectly - finding each other was nothing short of a miracle and a God-sent blessing.During this book I experienced frustration, anger, heart break, insight, happiness, fear, tears, laughter, similarity, and above all hope.