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Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano YA Dystopia is one of my favorite genres. Wither brings in a whole new level of intrigue with life ending at age 20 for females and 25 for males.Rhine, Jenna and Cecily are kidnapped and sold as brides. Linden Ashby, their husband, is annoyingly naive to the evilness of his father, Vaughn, who controls every aspect of Linden's life along with the lives of everyone else around them with deception and ulterior motives.The three sister wives, despite their different views of the situation, become close and form a loving bond. A bond that makes escape somewhat more difficult for Rhine who has formed a love for one of the attendant in the Ashby mansion, Gabriel. Gabriel has been locked away for so long, he's not even sure there is anything for which to try and run away.Rhine struggles with her new relationships and feelings while also worrying about getting out and finding her way home to the brother she sorely misses, and who is the only family she has left.Should she attempt escape? Does she really love Linden? Can she leave her sister wives behind?DeStefano has created an intriguing world with a sinister underbelly that will pull readers in and keep them through the end. Her characters are well developed and easy to imagine. Readers will find themselves frustrated with Linden's nativity, disgusted by Vaughn's selfish and evil nature and infatuated with Rhine's strength, knowledge and compassion.