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Vision in White Roberts Nora

Vision in White - Nora Roberts I'll start by saying that Vision in White surprised me - really surprised me! Romance is not my typical genre (I don't really have a typical because I'll read anything, but Romance isn't one that is oft picked).Secondly, Nora Roberts surprised me - really surprised me! Another generalization is that I don't find myself enjoying novels that are put out so quickly (I think this series was released on a 2 per year basis). I expected to be somewhat bored - I didn't have high hopes.Now for the review - I gave the book 4 stars because it had me laughing, crying, and gobbling pages as quickly as possible. I LOVED...absolutely adored the protagonist and her band of friends and I was swept up in the plot as well as the sub-plots.Mackensie Elliot's mother is a train wreck and her father is absent. Additionally, her job (she's one of a four part group of friends running a wedding planning business) brings her face to face with the sometimes ugly underbelly of marriage. She see's couples in the second, third, even fourth weddings. She has no faith in the institution of marriage - no faith in true love - no faith in the hope that she might actually deserve and one day find and have both.With family issues, several weddings, and the unexpected re-entry of an old high school friend (one who had a crush on her), Mackensie's life takes several turns in this novel. She's funny, sarcastic, and amazingly put together - on the surface. Carter, the nerdy, reliable, tweed-wearing professor (and old class mate) throws everything off track for Mac - she can't fall for him; he's not her type, she doesn't believe in love, she doesn't have time for anything other than quick and casual relationships...or does she?I enjoyed getting to know Mackensie and the gang - this was a very fun read.