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Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

Rarely does the second book in a trilogy match and even surpass the first, but Insurgent did just that in my opinion! Roth took her dystopian world and spun it on its heels for readers!

With just the right amount of distrust, surprise, and betrayal Insurgentpicks right up where Tris and Tobias left off. The factions are on the brink of war and, of course, even those who are seemingly not in the war have their plans - plans that will shake everyone to the core.

Again, Roth took me on an extraordinary ride - I picked this book up and didn't stop until I finished (if ever a child of mine had a well-placed sick day, it was today). I love Tris and Tobias even more than I did in the first book. I spent several chapters in this book in tears - some in excitement and some in sadness. This book (and its predecessor) push the brink of readers' emotions and I LOVE that - I absolutely adore books that make us FEEL...make us THINK.

The characters in the story progress at a natural pace - there's no rushed feeling of someone must die now or I need a new evil character. I feel like the transitions we see are real and they make sense.

The action in this book does not stop and Roth delivers it perfectly - not over the top, not unrealistic or forced, just well-timed, well-played action.


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